Clean Solutions, a BioSecurity firm, specializing in customized economical solutions for micro-organic issues. Through innovative products and services, we aim to improve commercial productivity and human healthcare. Based on chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology, we assist global, commercial and humanitarian causes to defeat odors and contamination that can affect product quality, infrastructure, and health.

Disinfect and deodorize your surfaces with Chlorine Dioxide.

The U.S. EPA approved chlorine dioxide (ClO2) for disinfectant, deodorizer, and sanitizer. It is also an FDA-recognized food preservative and additive.
ClO2 can be used as a powerful selective oxygenizer to remove viruses, bacteria, odors and mold.
ClO2 can be used on surfaces, in the atmosphere and to form a liquid spray, wipe, immersion or vapor for disinfection.

Our ultimate goal was to create a stronger, safer sanitizer. Verisan™ is our signature flagship product.

Why it is so powerful?

We use chlorine dioxide to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Hand soaps will not contain our active ingredient. ClO2, which has been approved by the FDA and the EPA, and its registered ingredients are what big retailers don’t want you to know.

Today’s world needs stronger disinfection solutions. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality sanitizers at an affordable price.

Clean Solutions is committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Our unique mixing system is made up of one reusable container as well as two parts. Part A and part B. The kits can produce between 1 and 10,000 gallons of safe, effective disinfectant solutions.

Our combined system eliminates more than 90% petroleum plastics from 25 gallons of conventional disinfectant. Conventional disinfectant is usually sold in single-use disposable 32oz (16oz) or 8oz containers.

Our goal is to source and supply the highest quality components at the right concentrations and ratios for our customers.


We acknowledge our responsibility to make the world safer, healthier, more sustainable, and aim to make our products accessible to everyone. Offering value through products that improve people’s lives. It is our joy to be focused on optimum health and commercial productivity.


To build a premium disinfection company, we knew that we had to look beyond just the product. We had to see a greater purpose and a deeper reason for doing what we do.

Clean Solutions has a variety of products that have been scientifically proven to kill harmful microbes and viruses as well as pests, insects, or germs.

When selecting ingredients and formulas, we go through a long process to ensure our products are safe and environmentally friendly.

We strive to provide excellent customer service. You can reach us via email, phone, or by contacting us.
We strive to provide excellent customer service. You can reach us via email, phone (+‪(414) 666-4637‬)


We Also Take Pride in Providing Professional Consulting and Execution Services



Regular HVAC maintenance can significantly reduce dirty ductwork, filters with pollutants, and improve indoor air quality.


Is your home at risk? Our stronger bulk sanitizers kill germs and disinfect your entire home.


Your business should be cleaned and deodorized from top to bottom. Clean Solutions can be used to fog your business to disinfect all surfaces.


Do you need a medical-grade cleaning solution? Use Clean Solutions medical grade chlorine dioxide for a regular wipe down or fogging.

We do not claim that our products or their materials are safe or effective for human consumption.  Seller expressly warrants that the product conforms to its chemical description.

We make no other warranties, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use that extends beyond the statements made on our label. Our statements haven’t been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent disease.

Internal Tracking #:167296. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) EPA Registry CAS Number:10049-04-4  – CleanSolutions.tech – Mind Science Labs LLC P.O. Box 8 Dixon, NM, 87527

None of our information has been evaluated or approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. We have cited studies that were approved by the EPA, FDA, WHO, PubMed and more.

We do not make any claims regarding the safety and efficacy or quality of the materials we offer. The United States Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of our information. Our products are not intended for treating, preventing, or curing any disease. Please educate yourself.

Our goal has only ever been about one thing: creating a stronger, safer sanitizer. We’ve accomplished this with our signature flagship solution -VeriSan™.

We are committed to providing you not only the strongest bulk sanitizer on the market, but also the safest. Our products are tough on germs but gentle enough for you. Use VeriSan™ as your go-to hand sanitizer and even to disinfect your pet’s hair. Our products leave no unwanted residual residue. 


Breathe easy as chlorine dioxide also acts as a complete odor eliminator. Verisan™ is the convenient solution for pet accidents and even farm animal clean-up. Spilled something on your kitchen counter and can’t get the smell out? Verisan will wipe out odors in minutes.


Today’s world requires a stronger answer to cleanliness. We pride ourselves in offering the strongest sanitizer available at an affordable price. Protect yourself and your family today, with our collection of stronger and safer bulk sanitizers.